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The biggest advantage of the MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System is its simplicity!

The innovative screw design enables surgeons to efficiently and cost effectively address the most common pathologies with only one instrument set. Optional instruments allow revision and extension surgeries. Double placing of instruments allows surgeons to work simultaneously.

The advantage for the distributors or hospitals is that they always have the proper instrument set available – while competitive systems require a specific implant system with more than one instrument sets for each individual indication.

All implants as well as the sterile instruments such as the guide wire are sterile packaged and ready for surgery. Surgeons, OR staff achieve a maximum of safety for themselves, the hospital and the patients.

While the MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System offers maximum flexibility and availability, it reduces inventory as well as logistic costs for distributors and hospitals.
MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System - Set of Instruments



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