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Z-Pedicle Screws
// minimal invasive & open

The cannulated and fenestrated MIS Z-Pedicle Screws are color coded and available in different diameter, length and axialities: Monoaxial, Polyaxial, Quattroaxial for fractures and Quattroaxial trans. for scoliosis application.

The Z-Pedicle Screws are self-drilling and self-tapping due to its unique tip and thread design. A multi-conical double thread design increases stability in the pedicle and offers ease of Insertion.

Z-Medical implants stand for precision, are sterile packaged and ready for surgery.

Characteristic MIS Z-Pedicle Screw

Diameter [Ø]

5 / 6 / 7 / 8 mm
Length [mm] 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 mm
Screw Design Multi-conical double thread,
self drilling and self tapping
Axialities Polyaxial, Quattroaxial, Quattroaxial trans., Monoaxial
Ini [set screw] Pre-assembled
Reduction of rod Via reduction thread, 45mm
Manipulation Via lengthening shaft
Uprighting fractures Via reduction thread
Derotation of deformities   Via reduction thread
Connection Implant / Shaft  Connected by Z-SnapOff technique
Break off  Implant / Shaft   With patented Tulip Breaker
Approval EWG 93 / 42 // 510 (k)

Pedicle screw Features
  • The MIS Z-Pedicle Screws with lengthening shaft in combination with the patented SnapOff-Technique provide a rigid connection between the shaft and the implant and offer the possibility of a direct manipulation without any additional instruments.
  • Surgical correction of spondylolisthesis, reposition in fracture- and the derotation in scoliosis treatments are achieved directly the innovative screw design and the long reduction thread with the pre-assembled set-screw.
  • Available axialities of the Z-Pedicle Screw :
    Axialitäten Z-Pedicle Screw



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